Saturday, February 18, 2017

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a good day.  No, it was a wonderful day! Today I did nothing "medical".  Today, I was normal. Today I felt like a real female.  And it was the little things that did it.

My wonderful daughter thought it would be great to have a girly day, so we decided to get a haircut and have a pedicure, and also get eyebrows waxed.  There was just one problem, which we discovered on the way out the door.  Victoria took her car to work, and the scooter was in her car.

Macho Man to the rescue!  He took a couple of measurements and discovered that the wheelchair would fit in Elisa's car, and so would the walker.  Of course, he had to go with us to provide muscle.  So off we went.

First stop was at the hair salon.  The owner, Dennis, decided to do my hair.  I told him short and spiky so that when I start losing it, it won't be such a shock.  Well, he went to work.  Now I don't want to say it's TOO short, but it's pretty close to being a buzz cut.  That's okay, I like it!

Next stop, the nail salon, where we signed in for our pedis.  Oh, how wonderful!!!  What a great massage to my feet and legs.  How wonderful to be petted and pampered!  I may have been in a wheelchair when we left, but I was dancing on air.

I had a day of very little pain.  A day where I was treated like a woman.  A day where my sweet hubby sat in two different beauty salons, him a macho Latino, waiting for me so I could be pampered.  A day where my wonderful daughter and I could laugh and giggle like normal mothers and daughters.  A wonderful, blessed day!

I am blessed.


  1. Ah,you brought tears to my eyes darling Patty. This is the medicine your soul needs! And MM hearing the laughter and giggles, his medicine as well.... all my love, Stephanie

  2. what a great day!!! I need a pedi as well.....wish I had someone to giggle with........;)