Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Need Jose

Dear friends, family and other followers of the view, we really need Jose to continue working.  The week before Christmas Macho Man had to tell Joche to take the time between Christmas and New Years to find another job, because we probably would not be able to pay him after the First.

Joche reminded MM that the first time he asked for a job, MM turned him down.  The second time he came and asked for a job, MM said yes, but told him it would only be for 3-4 months.  It has been a little over 2 years.  He didn't fuss or say anything but, "Maestro, you gave me a job for 2 years." The unemployment rate in Honduras is between 30-40%  

Well, we found a little extra money for this week and next, but that's about it.  I just realized I will be getting a small adjustment to my Social Security benefit, and we won't be paying rent at the condo.  The electric bill should go down a little, because the wiring here is up to code.  but the fact remains, there isn't enough to keep him on full time.  About the best we can do is 2 weeks a month.

Two weeks a month is not enough  We need Joche.  Macho Man isn't as young as he use to be, and he needs help with the heavy lifting, the woodworking, the concrete work, and yesterday, the mopping of floors at the condo.  Joche is here from can to can't.  Sometimes I even wish he didn't come quite so early.

Joche needs us.  He has a wife and a very young toddler to support.  The salary we have paid him has allowed him to provide at least the basics for his family.  As previously written, he has been an avid learner, a true apprentice, and he will take the knowledge with him from now own.  His help is invaluable.

The problem is, how to pay him.  I have faith the money will be there as long as we need it.  On the other hand, I believe in prayer, and I believe the more people who pray the more effective the prayers.  So, all you  Prayer Warriors, please pray that we can be creative enough to see a way  to provide the means to continue as we have been.

We are blessed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Casa de Sueños - Quick Update

A friend reminded me yesterday that I had not posted anything about the house since October, and he was right, October 22nd to be exact.  It's not that there was nothing to post.  Things were just going so slow that you could not really see the day-to-day progress.

Then everything seemed to just happen all at once.  It had been MY goal to move in before Christmas Eve.  Note the emphasis on the word MY.  Macho Man didn't want to pin moving to a definite date, but I decided I wanted to have Christmas in my own house.  So, I just started packing things up and getting ready to go.

Well, I was ready, MM said he was ready, but the house, not so much.  We moved in with the kitchen sink set up on concrete blocks, but we do have hot water. The windows have no glass in them, just screens and security bars.  So what's new?  We haven't had actual windows in over two years.  We have two functioning bathrooms, as far as toilets go,  and the shower and tub are working in the master bath, but no bathroom sinks in place.  Okay, so I am using the kitchen sink to wash my face and brush my teeth. 

There are no kitchen cabinets  or bathroom vanities, but that's not new either.  The baths in the condo have a mirror over the sink, but no vanity; and the kitchen has no cabinets or counter space, just one shelf over the stove and one over the sink.  Here I have a big pantry.and for the present a full sheet of plywood set up on two sawhorses. doubles as counter space and kitchen island.

I have plenty of room to work in, so I did.  We had our first Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) at  Casa de Sueños, and not one person complained about the kitchen not being finished.  We just ate and had a good time.  Nobody fussed because there are no doors in the master bathroom, just a shower curtain over the opening.  Nobody went into the bedroom when someone else was in there.  

We did have a Christmas tree, the first in two years, and Christmas decorations.  Two of the nieces helped me decorate, and they did a great job. I almost hate to take it down after the 6th. Christmas trees in Latin countries stay up until after Three Kings Day, or Epiphany.  New Year's Eve the family here in Trujillo came up and spent a little while.  The balcony is a great place to congregate.  It is big enough for all  ages to find a place and enjoy each other while still being together.  Ditto for my birthday yesterday.  The only thing missing was the family from Tocoa.

Now it is time to get back to business.  Right now my living room and bedroom look like the storeroom at Goodwill or the Salvation Army Store.  We have boxes everywhere, and the answer to  "Where is _________?" is still, "In a box somewhere.".  The good news is, by tomorrow afternoon everything will be out of the condo and into the house.  Then Friday we will spend the day cleaning the condo so we can return the keys.

So, family and friends, we are in the new house, and it is ours.  It might still be a work in progress, but it is our work in progress.  Best of all, it took us two years to get here, but there is no mortgage, IT IS OURS!.

Oh. where are the pictures?  In the camera.  Where is the camera?  All together now....The camera is in a box, somewhere.  When I find it there will be a new profile picture.  It will be the view from our balcony.

We are truly blessed.