Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's New in Trujillo? Part 1

I haven't written here in almost a year, and I promise to do better.  We have made a lot of progress in many ways, and we have had some setbacks.  I know it is late to be blogging about Christmas, but I need to do this in two Parts, and we had such a good Christmas Season.  so, I am making this Part 1.

 In November of 2012, Macho Man was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  We have been struggling since then to   get his medications titrated, without a lot of success.   We are trying to change our diet, which is sort of difficult here at the end of the Pan Am Highway. but we are doing what we can.  Less meat and more fish and poultry, less rice and beans and more veggies and fruits.  The selection is limited here, but my produce man, Don Pedro, and his lovely wife, Doña Flor, accommodate me as much as is possible.

We have started an exercise program with a small class and a very good trainor.  We are trying to concentrate on balance and flexibility, which we both need.  Kenny, our trainer is very patient, and he has modified several of the exercises so I can do them without hurting myself.  I thing he wants me to become a weightlifter, and he tries to hang me from the rafters with exercise straps.

We got the guest room ready in time for Elisa and Victoria to use for their Christmas visit, and they loved it.  We had a wonderful Christmas here at Casa de Sueños.  The house did what it was suppose to do for the whole Season.  It welcomed everybody who came, and anyone that went away hungry or bored wanted to be hungry or bored.  

Christmas Eve we had Noche Buena on the balcony with everyone here from the youngest, Justin, to the oldest, Don Miguel.  We danced and ate and partied most of the night, then everyone went home to gear up for the next day.

One end of the table

Three of my favorite people, Elisa, Macho Man, and Victoria

Nicole, Alejandro, and Edgardo, three of the youngest

Christmas Day we cooked a whole pig. First we had to build the grill, known as a caja china Chinese box) which is essentially just that, a box made of concrete blocks set on each other without mortar. We made two grills from pieces of rebar wired together, then put the pig between them and tied them together. The charcoal went in the corners, the pig was put on top, and the fun began. The men were in charge of the cooking outside, and the women were putting together the potluck in the kitchen.

Lining the china box

The beginning
The finished product
After dinner, we had a piñata, which people of all ages enjoyed.

From the youngest

To the not so young

To the final scramble for the candy

We spent the week between the holidays just having fun.  We spent one day at Banana Beach, one of the best beach resorts in the aare, and we have several.

My favorite man in the whole world.
GrandBrat and Papi

Macho Man on the water slide, with Victoria, Elisa, and niece, Patty, urging him on.
I admit, I went down the waterslide, too, but they are my pictures, it is my blog, and so the chances of you seeing them are slim.

The holidays went by too fast, but they were so blessed, and we had so much fun.  

Part 2 is forthcoming, and will bring me up to date.

We are blessed.