Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Other Things

Some days things happen that make you think angels DO exist.  Like today, when I was feeling pretty low after having a big spasm of pain after therapy.  Like feeling really down, with a pity party in full swing.  And taking a nap, and waking up about 6P when UPS showed up with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries.  

Wonderful fresh, ripe strawberries, four covered in white chocolate and sprinkles; four awash with thick, rich dark chocolate with nuts; and four drenched in milk chocolate with crunchies.  Twelve luscious, succulent, sexy strawberries that explode with sinful flavor and juiciness.  

And no card.

UPDATE:  Now I know who sent them.  It will remain a secret


  1. What a most wonderful (and extremely delicious!!) surprise for you! Even your just telling the story makes ME feel happy..... Enjoy, enjoy...

  2. what a great surprise! did you eat them all? did you share?? are you eating just one or two a day???.......;)