Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update - International Banking - Not fixed

Thursday we decided to have our daughter make an interbank transfer to pay our mover the ransom he wants to finally ship our household goods and the Xterra.  Since both banks are in Miami, that should have been a very easy thing to accomplish. 

At 4:30 pm Thursday, I received An email saying that the transfer was scheduled and would show up on my account by 6:00 pm.  Friday morning I emailed a copy of that email to the shippers and asked them to let me know when the money was deposited.  Friday at 4:40 pm I received an email from Bank of America informing me that they had blocked the transfer because it did not meet the bank's standards.  WTH? m I was given two 800 numbers to call if I had questions.  My cell does not allow me to make calls to 800 numbers, nor does it allow me to go to ATT Direct to speak to an operator to complete the call.

I tried to log into our account to see if I could find out why the transfer was blocked, only to find out that I could not log in. I tried again this morning, no go.  Luckily, I have the number of our bank in the States which allows me to choose to go to customer service.

I spoke with  nice young lady who informed me my account was blocked because the bank felt the there was an irregularity with the transfer, and I needed to speak to ECommerce.  She started to give me the 800 number, but when I told her very nicely that I cannot dial an 800 number she transferred me to ECommerce.
That sent me to a robot who said, "I am sorry.  There are no associates to take your call.  Please call again during our regular business hours, Monday thru Friday......

I know the problem is that we have made several large transfers in the last month, and they are suspicious of fraud.  I don't care!!!  Who died and left Bank of America our legal guardian.  What court did they take us to and declare us  non compos mentis?  It is our money, and for a month the only way we have been able to us  it is to pay bills.  Now we can't even do that.  To make matters worse, the mover will not ship until they are paid, and they have a right to auction off our belongings if they have not been paid within 30 days.  Tomorrow is 30 days.

I am so angry I could chew nails and spit tinfoil.  If I have to go to Miami to fix this, I will fix it by closing out all my accounts.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you're having so many problem!! I'm sure by now you hate B of A ! I know I make a special effort NOT to do any dealings with them!! I had a State of Maryland check drawn on a B of A account the State has and because I, ME, did not have an account they wanted to charge me $5 to cash the check...again it was drawn on Bank of America account!! "It's our policy" was the response I got from them. That's when I made up my mind that I would NOT do business with them!

    You might want to consider doing a "Power of Attorney" for someone here that you trust to handle those types of issues....after you close your account with them!

    I hope and pray you get it straighten out and you get your stuff!

  2. Thank you. Even our bank manager here has suggested another bank might be a better choice. I just hate to change after almost 30 years of being at the same bank. I hope yu visit me again You are invited to sign up as a follower.