Tuesday, December 15, 2009

International Banking Fixed? Well, At least the movers got paid

Hoo RaH!! The transfer we made last night went through without a hitch!!!   The movers are paid, and all is well in the world today, at least for now. ;-DI spent the day on the phone yesterday, pitching a hissy fit and probably sounding like a deranged person with a bag full of weapons, but I finally got hold of someone who was interested enough to help. 

Seems like the answer, in reality, is very simple.  The first bank officer I spoke to a month ago should have told me that SafePass has to be set up inside the US.  Then you opt for a SafePass card rather than give them a cellular number.  Use the card for the first time in the US, and after that it can be used anywhere in ther world.

I am still skeptical, but at least I won't be ripping someone's heart out with my fingernails.


  1. I just wanted to say hi. I just found your blog off the Honduras living forum. Look forward to following it. It looks great so far! I am a gringa married to a Honduran man with plans to move to Central America in the next 3-5 years.

  2. Welcome. You are invited to come sit on my balcony anytime. Please sign in as a follower. Where are you planning to move to? I will encourage you to stay with HL, and read all the blogs you can. You need to be well-armed with info, and even then you will experience culture shock, just not as much.


  3. We won't decide on a specific city until we do some travelling together there, and can see which city best meets our needs. We are looking at the cooler climate cities though. I have been following HL for a while, and reading all the Honduran blogs I can. Luckily, I am already pretty familiar with culture and am bilingial, which will help the transition, but there is still a lot to learn.

  4. You are definitely not looking at the North Cost,then, except for times, like today. It has been raining for 24 hours, and it is chilly tonight. Probably in the low 60's, but we have a wind chill factor. Of course, I lived in South Florida for 30 yeasrs prior to moving here, and I am cold if it is less than 70.