Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today I am homesick.  Not for South Florida, never happen.  I am homesick for the Grandbrat.  That is her sitting on the balcony with me, only now she is 14 and a beautiful, smart, young lady.  No, I am not biased, even if she is mine.

I was text messaging her, when I thought of all the times I have sung crazy little songs with her and to her.  I wish so much I could do that today.  I told her that, too. 

Then the tears started.  This is one of the few Christmases that she will not be at our house Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day.  I will miss baking Christmas goodies with her.

Then I thought about the day we flew to SPS.  Her mother would not allow her to skip school and go to the airport to say goodbye.  The last thing she said to her mother before she got on the school bus was, "I hope you know I will never forgive you for this!"  At that point both Mama and Papi broke down and cried.  I had not seen Macho Man cry like that in years.

I can't wait 'til Summer, when she is coming for a stay.

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