Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Road to Sante Fe

Today we took the day unpacking, washing, sorting or finding a place to put something.  Just a nice Sunday afternoon drive towards Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe is a Garifuna village about 25 kms from Trujillo.  The Garifuna are the descendants of slaves who were deported from St Vincent to Roatan, Honduras in the late 1790s.  They settled along the coast of Central America.  We like to go to Santa Fe to eat seafood, which the Garifuna are famous for cooking.

We got side-tracked on the way when we turned off first at Tranquility Bay Resort, a small, well-kept, boutique style resort on a great stretch of beach.  We sat out under the champa on the beach and relaxed to the sound of the surf.  Definitely a place to go if you want peace and quiet.

After we left Tranquility Bay we headed down the road and again got side-tracked to Banana Beach.  We met Rand, with whom I have an email friendship, and he immediately welcomed us to Trujillo Bay and Banana Beach and made us feel right at home.  We ordered drinks and lunch, and all I can say is, "Oh Boy!"

I had a mixed ceviche which was served with home-made tortilla chips and is, without a doubt, the best I have ever eaten.   I really hated to have to share it with Macho Man.  I also ordered conch fritters.  They were more conch than fritter, just the way I like it.  The conch was obviously fresh, sweet, and tender. Done just right.  Macho Man ordered fried shrimp.  He was not doing much talking, but a lot of eating, so I am sure he was just as impressed as I was.

The restaurant is in a champa which also houses  an excellent bar, a pool table, a flat-screened TV and hammocks.  There is a tennis court and a volley ball court.  The beach is so close you can hear the tide change and the breeze had the palm trees swaying. 

Check out their web page at  We plan to go back and take the whole family.  Thanks, Rand, for a relaxing good time.

As soon as I learn how, I will post some pictures.


  1. OH MY time go for just coffee and the insanely beyond fabulous to this day we still talk about...cinnamon rolls (two giant ones per plate)!! oh oh will never be able to eat another cinnamon roll AGAIN without thinking about those at Banana Beach (and that's IF you can eat another...we've actually not yet since being there this summer...ha ha!)!!!
    (and get Rand to show you the rental houses if he didn't...he's very proud to show them off and you will be WOWED!!!) Glad to know you had a delightful day off enjoying your home!!

  2. I met Rand at Rainbow Village in La Ceiba the last time I was passing through there. Jurgen (spelling), his cook, was with him. I knew Jurgen when he was the cook at Rainbow Village and he does an excellent job. My husband and I had considered retiring to Trujillo before we settled on Guanaja and have not been back there in over 15 years. We certainly will make sure that we go there next year and visit Rand's place. It sounds delicious - especially the food. Maybe we'll be able to look you up and by that time you'll have banking problems, electric problems, moving problems, food problems and water problems all fixed!
    Guanaja Sharon

  3. That would be wonderful!! Both finally meeting you and finally having all the problems fixed. When we get our house built we will have a list of what not to do.