Monday, January 30, 2017

Step by Step

Today I went to visit the oncologist, Dr. Zafar, and set up the treatment plan.  It was scary.  I will lose my hair, what little bit I have.  There is a chance it will make me nauseated, and I start it Wednesday.

Dr. Zafar uses cisplatin in conjunction with another drug which I can't remember.  I will take it IV once a week for 3 weeks.

I used the walker last night to get from the bed to the bathroom, and it was a challenge.  I'm thinking more and more I should bring the Scooter in and use it.  

At least Dr. Zafar seems to understand that I can't fight the cancer if I am fighting the pain, so she wrote me a prescription for  a Fentanyl patch, which she wants me to use along with the Percocet I already have.  Of course, when Juan went to the pharmacy, they wouldn't fill the Rx because they say she didn't put how many patches to dispense.  Sooo, the pain control plan has been delayed until I can go by her office tomorrow.

This pain I am having is incredible.  It is a result of the pelvic fracture, and it feel like I have a knife sticking in me from just above my left gluteal fold to hip level.  It is intense.  I would rather have babies.  

Then there is that pesky referred pain that goes down my left thigh every time I make a step. And the spasms in my bladder which are pretty much under control.

The bleeding from the cancer seems to have stopped for now, and my hemoglobin has risen from 10.3 to 11.2. That's a good thing.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my PMD, Dr. Hirsch, so he can write all my referrals and get permission from the insurance company to start the chemo.

This has nothing to do with my journey, other than it's an aggravation I don't need.  When we picked up our rental car at the airport, we were told we could return it to any agency without a drop off fee.  We were also told we could extend the lease at any agency...NOT.  I did get the lease extended online, but we do have to return it to the airport.

Today has been rather stressful, but it ended up with good company, around a fire pit, eating S'mores.

I am blessed.

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  1. You're in my thoughts all the waking's been overcast and pouring rain for the last 4 days.....sort of matches my sorry for the pain.....tell Juan that I'm thinking of him too.....