Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Claro Came Today

It is Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Honduras.  Yeah, I know, it is Holy Week wherever people are celebrating Easter or Passover.  Holy Week in Central America is somewhat different than most of us Norteamericanos are used to observing.  Here, it is almost a national holiday.  Almost nothing gets done during Holy Week, except going to the beach and partying.  Many people get the week off.

This morning, when I got up it was raining cats and dogs, so, first I just lazed around in the bed.  I got up for coffee that my loving Macho Man made for me. I thought I would make the bed later.   I decided just to put a housecoat over my night gown and not get dressed until later.  No need to get gussied up, right?  After all, it is Holy Week and there is a monsoon going on outside.  Nobody in there right mind is out in this. Then I got busy checking email. 

I was playing yet another game of Spider Solitaire, when MM came dashing through the door to my little room and said, "Claro is here!"  Right behind him are three strange men, who have just now walked through my bedroom, into my GTH room, and caught me at my computer with my nightgown on, my hair uncombed, and no makeup, and my bra thrown across the cedar chest, where I left it last night.  MM did throw the covers over the bed and put the pillow shams in place

We have been waiting almost four months for Claro to show up and install the satellite dish.  MM has called them every day to find out when they were coming and every day he has been told a different story, but consistently they have said:
(1)  We have no way to contact the installers.
(2)  We cannot give you the telephone number to our home office.
(3)  The installers will just show up when they show up. 
(4)  Maybe next week.

Why today?  Latin Americans have some strange misconceptions about American women, and most are not very flattering, so I try very hard to avoid embarrassing Macho Man.   I keep the house straight.  I don't wear shorts in public, except at the pool or the beach.  I don't drink from a can  or bottle in public.  I try to be pleasant to everyone.  I don't laugh too loud, or talk too loud. 

Boy, did I blow it today!!!

BTW, the installers forgot the bracket for the satellite dish, so I still don't have TV.  They will be back tomorrow, sometime, maybe.


  1. Ah, Patty, been there and done that!

    I have finally trained myself to tidy the bedroom, put on decent clothes and at the least wash my face, brush my teeth and tidy my hair -- all within 5 minutes of getting out of bed!

    It's either my girlfriend coming for visits, the landlady stopping up to say hello or her husband finally seeing to some problem in the apartment and all of the above ALWAYS happpen before 7am!

    I've never been much of a morning person but I'm certainly trying to learn....

  2. No drinking from a can or bottle in public?
    Why? And laugh to loud or talk to loud...that one is interesting. I think Latinos and Latinas tend to talk louder than most Americans.

  3. LS - When I first came to Honduras, it was pretty much an insult if a woman wasn't brought a glass to drink from. Then it was actually considered to be vulgar for a woman to drink from a bottle. I just got into the habit, and if I am not brought a glass, MM asks for one. I would have to agree with you that many Latins are loud, especially on a cell phone, but a 'lady' never calls attention to herself. That's not much different than when I was growing up in the Deep South. I grew up with a lot of 'ladies don't"

    Stephanie, I always thought if God meant for me to see the sunrise, he would have put it at a more convenient time, like about 10:00 AM.

  4. Patty, I enjoyed your blog and was wondering if I could email you privately?

    My email is mtrevino@airmail.net

    Marisa Trevino