Saturday, March 27, 2010

Road Trip to Novillo

Yesterday Macho Man took me on a road trip.  This one had a purpose.  I have an Internet friend, Jennifer, whom I wanted to meet in person and become "real"  friends.  I  knew Jennifer and her family have milk cows and I wanted some fresh milk to make cheese with, so that was another reason for going. 

Jennifer agreed to let us take some of her valuable time, and believe me, her time is very valuable.  You see, not only does she live on a farm in rural Honduras, Jennifer has eight children of her own, and two that belong to her husband from another marriage. 

To say that Jennifer and her family live out from town is an understatement to say the least.  The directions are something to the effect of  'turn at the intersection between the pink house and the pulpuria, go about 10 minutes, go down the hill and cross the bridge and then cross over the little ford.......We found her though, without any problem.

What a great family!!  Did I mention that eight of the ten children were at home?  Did I mention that the six youngest ones are stair-steps from about age seven down to about one year?

What a great Mom!  The two oldest children are teenagers.  They are polite, with great manners.  They helped with the younger children, and carried on intelligent conversations.  I phrase it this way, because so many teens today can't say three words, without saying "like, you know", or really murdering the English language in some way.

The six younger children were all friendly, outgoing, and very loving.  They are extremely well behaved for their ages, and again, those beautiful manners.

Jennifer and I got along as if we had known each other for ages.  She is a very kind, outgoing, generous young woman.  Nana, you did a great job of raising her.  And, Nana, I got to rock Lara almost to sleep.  Be jealous!

When we started to leave I had about 8 liters of milk.  Jennifer had asked if I wanted some green bananas, and I said sure.  I didn't realize she meant a whole stalk of bananas.  Plus, she threw in a big bunch of chatas, a kind of banana that you cook with.  When I asked her how much for the milk, she told me to put my money away.

Friends are always a blessing.


  1. I am so happy to read you got to visit! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I wish my twelve year old didn't use "like" so much, but then...her mother did and does too, unfortunately. I try to stop myself, but it comes out more than I want it to.

    Maybe one day I will get to visit.

  2. Thanks Patty for the compliment! YES, I am very jealous!! I miss those kids so very much! I am so glad you were able to visit with her. I really think it ment lot to her!

  3. It meant a lot to Macho Man and me!

  4. You got to meet Jennifer! How far from you does she live? This is really neat!

  5. Jen lives about an hour away, a pretty easy drive. After you turn off the main road, the Rio Taujica runs along side the road and, in places, across the road. What a beautiful mountain stream to have running through your property? It is a trip I will take again, if she will have me.

  6. Sprout, when you make it back to Honduras we will arrange to meet. You can come sit a spell on the porch with me.

  7. i love that you went to meet her! i hope that next time i visit i will get to meet some of the nice internet friends that i follow!