Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise, I'm Back!!

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted anything, me who always has something to say!

We made our trip to the States.  We had a pleasant surprise when we did our taxes.  For the first time in the 23 years we have been filing jointly, we are actually going to get a refund,  We did the doctor appointments, amd that was all good.  We visited my sister amd my aunt and uncle in central Florida, and we spent precious time with my daughter, her husband, and the Grandbrat.

The first thing we noticed  that we missed was sitting on the balcony in the morning amd watching the iguanas play while we enjoy our coffee.  I was really amazed at myself because I missed the tranquility of our life here.  I even missed the condo with no glass in the windows.

While we were standing in line at MIA getting checked in, I looked up amd there was Elisa amd the Grandbrat.  Elisa said after they dropped us off, the Grandbrat was crying so hard she had to turn around and come back to the airport.  They stayed with us until we had to clear security.  It is a shame to love a child as much as we love Victoria.  Even Chico was glad to see her again.

We are going to the property tomorrow and stake out the footprint of the house.  Juan will finish up the estimate and submit the plans for the permits.  Hopefully we can break ground this month.  I will be posting pictures of the progress we make while building.

Life is good, and I am blessed.

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  1. Oh, I'm glad to have you back Patty! Good luck with the adventures with the bulldozer this week as well... take lots and lots of photos, please!

    Belated Happy Mother's Day to you - managed to talk to both of my "kids" in Canada yesterday and went to bed with a great big grin and feeling ever so blessed to have them in my life; certainly understand about you and Victoria... am missing my own grandbabies! Stephanie