Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This and That

We were planning a trip to La Ceiba today.  That is our closest large town, and is the third largest city in Honduras.  It is about a three hour drive.  Instead, I am at home watching the rain come down in buckets and Macho Man is down in El Centro, seeing about his father.  The weather was just too bad this morning to be driving on a mountain road in the rain, especially with the way some Hondurans drive, and the condition of some bridges when it rains.  We will try again tomorrow.

I read in the Miami Herald that they are expecting a cold front with chill factors in the 30's in Miami-Dade and Broward counties tonight.  That means it will be cold here tomorrow through the weekend.  I get to wear my boots without looking like an idiot!!! or at least, like an idiot to the people here.

I was looking forward to this trip, because while MM was getting the car registered I was going to enjoy a spa day and get the whole works.  It really is time for a haircut when your Hispanic husband tells you so, and he has.  I really wanted to come home with some nails.  I had to take mine off when I couldn't find anyone here to do the fills.  I was  looking forward to the facial, massage, pedi,etc.  Oh well.

Chico was going to have a spa day, too.  He really wasn't looking forward to his.  He likes most of the grooming, but hates the bath; forget the manicure, that is not going to happen without sedation.  It was also going to be a get acquainted visit with the vet, as we have no vet in Trujillo, and the vet in Tocoa takes care of livestock, not pets.  We are going to use a Dr. Calderon, who comes highly recommended.


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