Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Starting to Look a Little Bit Like Home

Most people know we had a little problem getting our belongings out of Customs.  A little problem?  A little problem?  Try over two months of near nervous breakdown.  And this time, most of the problem was not the fault of Honduran Customs.  Most of the problem was due to the unprofessional practices of the mover in Miami.  It still hurts to even think about.

But, on the afternoon of February 5th, we saw the most beautiful sight in the world.  This truck. Loaded with our things

Coming down this drive

To deliver our belongings.

Actually, the truck was the second most  wonderful sight.  The first  most wonderful sight was.......

My Car!!!!!  I was running around like a maniac, yelling "¡Mi Carro!  ¡Mi Carro!"  I was kissing my car, and saying, "Oh, thank you!  Thank you!"  Now, before you think I had completely lost my mind, we thought we might have to donate this car to Customs if they did not release it soon.  We were being charged $70 USD/day storage in the port, because they could not release our belongings until they could clear the car, and they could not clear the car because we could not produce the original bill of sale.  Seems the Title, issued by the State of Florida, was insufficient proof we owned the car free and clear.

Then  the  fun  began.  The men began to unload the truck.  About 200 boxes or loose items.  After the boxes came the furniture, and that was when we realized we had a major uh oh.  The furniture would not come through the doors, much less up two flights of narrow stairs.  "Oh, what to do!  What to do!"  Good thing Macho Man is a professional carpenter/man of all trades.  Remember how I complained the windows have no glass?  Well, it was a good thing this day because we had to.......

You guessed it......Remove the window.  The men climbed up on top of the truck and started passing things up and over the balcony wall and through the window.  No mean trick, I can tell you.  Check out the man's shirt.

Now that we are getting settled in, it  is starting to look like this

And we just had Juan's family over for supper on Saturday to celebrate. 

It's still a work in progress, with lots of boxes to go through again; and things we are storing in the spare bedroom because there is no place to put it; but it sure is wonderful to sit on our  own furniture and sleep in our own bed.  Oh, and eat at a table rather than off our laps.

What a blessing! 

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  1. the table is the most exciting thing....well it would be for me if I lived there ;-)

    SO thankful and happy you got everything!!! HOORAY!!!! Looks great!