Saturday, February 20, 2010

Road Trip to La Ceiba, Day One - The Spa Day

We finally decided to brave the rain Thursday and drive to La Ceiba, and our prayers were answered.  The rain stopped for the road trip, then started up again after we got to Ceiba.

Chico says everyone should wear a seat belt while traveling in Honduras.  He never goes anywhere without his seat belt.  It keeps him from falling out of the car, or landing in the floor after a sudden stop.

Our first stop was at the office of Dr. Higinio Calderon, the vet recommended by several members of Honduras Living.  The best recommendation came from Chico  himself.  Sometimes Chico is a little slow to make friends, especially with men, so we were really impressed when he immediately made friends with Dr. Calderon.

The vet was very accommodating.  He looked  over the medical records we brought and did a cursory exam.  No problem that we just walked in unannounced, nor that Chico needed a spa day the same day.  Again, no problem when Chico ended up needing to stay in the Hotel Calderon for the night when the Hotel Paris would not allow him to share a room with us.

Dr.  Calderon says he can fix the international health certificate and the exit papers we need when we leave the country with 24 hours notice, although he would rather have a week.  He does not open the Ceiba office Wednesdays and weekends.  The clinic is located on the street just before the DIPPSA Super 7 on CA 13 going toward Tela and San Pedro.

Next on the To-Do-List was to find the place Macho man needed to go to get the Xterra officially registered in Honduras.  When he was satisfied he could find the place again, we went to look for Rumors, so I could have my spa day while he took care of the car.

Rumors was recommended by a member of  Honduras Living.  It is located  on Ave 14 de Julio, between Calles (streets) 16 and 17, across from Nicole Imports.  Sorry, Americans, but this how you give directions in Honduras, as there are very few addresses as we know them.

Owners, Nolvia and husband, René, speak English and are so very nice.  The shop is clean and well maintained. Nolvia is the stylist and René takes care of the business.  The first thing René did was offer me a choice of gourmet coffee, tea, juice, or water.  He was very clear that the water was bottled, and the drinks and ice cubes were made with  it.    I did have to ask for warm water for my shampoo, but that detail was take care of immediately and cheerfully, no questions asked other than was it warm enough      

I was greeted at the door by Miriam, a sweet little pixie, who is learning English.  Since we both speak Spanglish, we got along just fine.  The word 'shampoo' does not come close to describing what she did.  After we got the water warm enough,  and while I had shampoo in my hair she massaged my scalp for several minutes.  After she rinsed out the shampoo, she applied a deep conditioner, covered me with a plastic cap, and we were off to the pedicure station. 

I was given  the most luxurious pedicure I have ever had. After the usual soak in warm water and basic pedi, Miriam started a routine of massage alternating between Dead Sea salt and minerals, then lotions.  She applied a hot paraffin treatment, then more massage. 

After the pedi, we went back to the shampoo station, washed out the conditioner, and I got another scalp massage.  By this time I was purring like a kitten and convinced I wanted to take Miriam home with me.   

Then, I went to Nolvia's station.  She did not even flinch when I told her to take off about 4".  We discussed a style and then she gave me what I think is the best haircut I have ever gotten.  It is a classic bob done with a razor.  This morning  I  brushed my hair and it just fell into place.  That is a rare occurrance for me.  Unfortunately, Macho Man finished his business before I could get to the facial and the full massage, but we will be back every 4-6 weeks so there is still time.

Nolvia recommended a carnecería (butcher shop) that she says is the best.  The meat comes from Olancho, which prides itself on the quality of its meats.  I will have more to say about that in Day 2.  

From here we went to get Chico settled in for the night, then to the Hotel Paris to settle ourselves in for the night.  We had a couple of good margueritas out buy the pool, then a good dinner, also poolside.   I actually got to watch some TV;  and we slept without any mosquitos trying to eat us alive. 

Oh, happy days!!                                                                                                           




  1. Sounds fun and relaxing! I will have to visit there someday!

  2. You're right, Patty - Miriam is truly a blessing! For someone so tiny, she is strong and highly effective with her massage techniques. I was in last year, before my hip replacement surgery and after her ministrations stated that not only was I walking on air, but that my legs just wanted to stay there forever! And Nolvia and Rene truly make you feel welcomed...