Sunday, March 12, 2017

Living normal

This weekend we had a taste of normal life.  Fun life.  Life without stress or tears, or medicine, or anything but living and laughing.

Elisa came home from work Friday ready to go shopping, and they were having a great sale on dresses at Ross, so off we went.  I came home with one new blouse, four new dresses, a Capri length jumpsuit, and two pair of shoes.  I feel like a fashion queen!

Saturday Macho Man decided to take me out for a long drive.  I put on one of my new outfits, and off we went to see if the Aruba Beach Cafe was still open and still the fun it was twenty years ago.  It was and it is.

On the way I decided my new outfit needed a little bling, so when we spotted another Ross, in we went.  The first thing I spotted was a hat that matched one of the colors in my dress.  Gotta have that hat! And a tassel necklace and earrings.

Now, off to Aruba Beach, where the Reggae was playing and people were dancing, eating, and having fun.  We weren't dancing, but we sure were eating and having fun. 

The food was great.  MM had coconut shrimp. I had a seafood quesadilla that was to die for. We shared an order of baked escargot that came with a heavenly loaf of French bread fresh from the oven, crispy outside and perfect inside.  Yum!

We took the long way home and got to Elisa's just in time to join her with Paul's family for some cookout! It was wonderful.

Today, we went down the road to a local Sunday farmer's market, where we picked up some beautiful produce.

Normal people, doing the things normal people do.

I am blessed.

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  1. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Truly, you do look wonderful and my goodness, don't you just rock that hat! Ah, Patty, isn't it amazing just how little we really need? Given everything that's happened the last couple months "being normal" is such a blessing... You brought tears of joy to my eyes this morning and I thank YOU for that.... All my love my hot pink warrior woman!