Friday, January 8, 2010

The Weather and Other Things

I took this picture yesterday, because it was the first time we had seen the sun since New Year's day.

Looking over part of Villa Brinkley

The whole week before yesterday it looked like this:

Trujillo Bay through the rain

Or like this...There's about another 1,000 ft. of mountain behind that cloud.

Road up to Calentura

That's what it looks like today, too.  And it will for the rest of this week and part of next.  That's because we are about to get our 6th cold front in two weeks.  A cold front here almost always means high winds and rain, and we really don't need any more.  The Rio Aguan is already out of its banks, and it won't take much to bring the bridges down.

Bailey Bridge between Trujillo and Tocoa

Courtesy La Prensa

And here is why we get cold when it rains for days:

The windows, no glass just screen, on the 2d floor front of the Condo, with complimentary windows on  the back.  Makes for good ventilation and a nice breeze through the house when it is clear and warm, and a strong wind chill when it rains and the wind blows.  And the wind always blows.

It is still worth it.


  1. oh pictures of 'home' Funny thing is when I look at your pictures I forget they are yours! I know it's weird. but sometimes it's true!! Sigh....I'm ready to be back!! Granted I'll be homeless thanks to you :-) ha ha ha!! Just kidding my know that!!

    Stay warm!!

  2. Oh, it looks to green there! The only thing you see out the window here is white. And the cold front here means -30 wind chill. What kind of temps does a "cold front" in your town look like?

    Since you don't have windows, do you get a lot of bugs in the house?

  3. Now, Rachel, you will never be homeless in Trujillo. You may have to sleep on the floor, but you won't be without a roof over your head. Live simply., a cold front here can be anything less than 80. ;-)The predicted lows this time are in the mid-60's, and we will have a chill factor that can bring that down to the low 40's. It is a wet, bone-chilling cold, because there is no radiant heat at all. All the windows have screens, so, not to many bugs, except mosquitoes, who can find and fly through the most minute hole in the screen.

  4. What do you do (if anything) for mosquito control then? Do you have nets on your beds?