Friday, January 8, 2010

Returning Citizen Jumps into Honduran Politics - (sort of)

I have long told Macho Man that he needs to run for mayor of  Trujillo, so something could be done about the nonexistant infrastructure in some neighborhoods, ours included.  He has always declined and said, "No me interesa." 

The road from where we live to down town
(and it is relatively good, compared to the street we are building on)

How things change!  Last night he attended a meeting of our patronado.  A patronado is a bit more than a homeowner's association, and a little less than a special taxing unit.  The meeting last night was in regards to the trash pickup and also individual landholders who do not clean up their property, or who dump their garbage in the street.

Trash is supposedly picked up the second and last Sundays of the month.  They pickup the trash, but sometimes they are not so tidy.  The fee is 55L a month, about $3 USD.  The patronado wants to make it mandatory to be a member, so more pickup days can be added

The problem with the trash on private property was settled by deciding to clean up the involved properties this Saturday and bill the owners.  If that is not successful, then the leaders will file a complaint with the City of Trujillo against the landowner.  Now, that sounds like an American homeowner's association, doesn't it?  I wonder how much Don Juan Ramon had to do with that.

At any rate, he got home last night very happy.  He now thinks it is very important that we attend all the meetings and that he participates in the running of the patronado.  He may run for mayor yet.

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